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Responsive Website Design

Having a website that is professionally designed ensures your site will give visitors a good first impression. In order to keep up with competitors you need a website that is equipped with the latest design trends, which can be achieved through a professional website design. A professional, well-designed website will also attract more visitors and help boost revenue as a result. Additionally, a professional website design not only attracts visitors to your site, but helps keep them there, exploring what your business has to offer. Establishing a consistent Brand identity is essential for building business credibility and trustworthiness, and having a professional website helps you communicate your brand’s story more effectively.


Enterprise Website Design

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WordPress Website Design

WordPress stays up-to-date with the latest technology, trends and user needs. The function and purpose of a website can change over time, and thankfully, WordPress caters to the changing design trends and design requirements of your business. WordPress comes with thousands of dedicated themes, many of which are free, allowing our designers to customize and personalize your website just as you visualize.


E-commerce Website Design

The design of your online store can make or break your sales. Hence, it is important for business owners to have a vibrant and user-friendly shopping cart solutions. With the emergence of social and mobile commerce sites, your brand needs to reach your target online buyers through multiple channels. A beautifully and strategically designed and creatively developed e-commerce website helps develop trust among your clients. With an e-Commerce website, you can sell your goods and services globally.


Web Application Design

By having software applications web-based, you eliminate the need to perform updates on each user’s desktop. Web applications can be accessed by users regardless of what operating systems they might be using, such as Windows, Mac etc. A good web application design leads to a better user experience, ensuring that your visitors spend more time on your site. It also helps increase the mobile traffic your brand receives. Being a professional web design company India, we take care of all your web app design requirements.


Website Maintenance

Your website also needs regular maintenance and protection. Even after setting your website up you need to keep it secure with regular updates. Keeping the software or code on your website updated helps to protect and keep it secure. Keeping the content on your website updated, and making sure there are no broken links keeps your customers engaged and helps to make sure they don’t get irritated and divert to your competitors’ better maintained website. Websites today are never really complete. They need to be constantly updated with fresh and up-to-date content to engage and grow your audience. A professional web development company India can help you with site maintenance from time to time.

Website Design and Web Development Company in Kolkata, India

Looking to hire the best web design services India? ZinfyTech Web Solutions is the agency to get in touch with! If you are willing to shape the image of your brand that your customers are perceiving online, to ensure the growth of your business, then the first thing you need to have as a pre-requisite for all the digital activities of your business is an efficient website. As the best web design company in Kolkata, India, at ZinfyTech Web Solutions, we work with professionally trained and experienced designers who work to create simple and smartly designed websites for your brand. Standing among the top web design companies in India, the web designers at ZinfyTech Web Solutions are with all the required skillset to design a smart and attractive website for your equipped business.

ZinfyTech Web Solutions stands as the best website design company in Kolkata, India, that provides a wide range of reliable digital services like web design, graphic design, SEO optimized web designing, e-commerce site designs, and a lot more. As a trusted web design company in Kolkata, our team works to provide all our clients with affordable and result-driven services that helps you stand out as a brand among your market competitors. Our web design services will help you drive more traffic to your business website, generate more leads, and establish more conversions. So, if you want to ensure the success of your business, avail our affordable web design services India.

Avail professional web design services from the top website design company in India ZinfyTech Web Solutions in India to help your brand stand out among your competitors.

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Why Hire Web Designers in India?

When you hire PHP developers in India, you can save your precious time & money. You get optimum quality PHP programming solutions at highly affordable prices. Here are some of the other benefits:

High-quality Output

Indian-based web designers are known to give out high-quality output when it comes to web development and webs design. This is because of the high level of competition between established designers and the competition becomes beneficial for employers who are looking to outsource web designers.


Outsourcing web designers from India can help you save a lot of money. This is because, the web designers in India are known to have cheaper rates than those in western countries. You will easily be able to find a designer who will deliver excellent web design services at highly affordable rates.

Finding the best web designers in India is easy

Through the power of technology, you will easily be able to find India-based web designers online. Web Design agency in India works 24*7 to ensure on-time delivery of work and come with a pool of talented team of designers with various skill sets. Also, it comes highly beneficial across time zones to offshore web design services from India.

A wide range of services

When you hire web designers in India, you can avail a variety of design services that include responsive website designing, logo design, graphic design, WordPress theme development, Ecommerce Website design and development, Mobile app design, and a lot more.

Pay only for the hours you hire

When you hire dedicated web designers from India, you get to choose the working hours as well. If you need any project completed urgently, you can hire designers for more hours per day if requires and you only have to pay the working hours you are hiring.

Hire Web Designers from India at affordable packages and avail the pool of talent in store for you.

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Our Expertise

Custom Website Design

A custom Website Design India will look professional to any visitors to your website, leading to more conversions, making your business look more legitimate and credible. The credibility of a professional site can alleviate concerns customer may have about security, in particular if you are selling products from your site. A custom Website Design gives you an upper hand by catering more towards your audience and demographic. With a custom website design, you have the flexibility to customize the functionality and make changes to the sites as your business deems necessary.

E-Commerce Solution Design

A professionally designed ecommerce website will help build a strong trust among your target customers for your brand and will also increase the reputations in the eyes of genuine customers. The chances of selling product increase significantly when you have well-designed eCommerce site that looks professional and seamlessly structured. To give your customers a convincing buying experience and give them better support is the key for which every business should build an ecommerce website.

Corporate Website Design

A good corporate website design is a cost-effective tool for advertisement compared to print advertisement and enables you to make on-the-fly changes, given that you are using a CMS.A corporate website transmits your business profile around the world, permitting for enhanced exposure and sales, due to a wider demographic reach. If you have a corporate website design that looks professional and is user-friendly, your target customers are most likely to consider your business credible over companies that either do not have a Web presence, or have a poor Website presence.

Responsive Website Design

Having a website that is professionally designed ensures your site will give visitors a good first impression. In order to keep up with competitors you need a website that is equipped with the latest design trends, which can be achieved through a professional website design. A professional, well-designed website will also attract more visitors and help boost revenue as a result. Additionally, a professional website design not only attracts visitors to your site, but helps keep them there, exploring what your business has to offer. Establishing a consistent Brand identity is essential for building business credibility and trustworthiness, and having a professional website helps you communicate your brand’s story more effectively.

Landing Page Design

Landing pages are critical in helping you to generate leads, starting a qualification process and then moving them through your sales process and into new customers. The idea of the landing page is that your visitors must share relevant information in order to get access to an offer. On the landing page, visitors must fill out a form and the contact information will give you the info you need to start contacting leads. Data from landing pages can be tracked, and this can help you understand just how engaged your prospects are.

Progressive App Design

PWAs do not require different versions for various devices; a single progressive app meets the requirements of all endpoints on which it operates. Progressive web applications provide an advanced user experience by combining the look and feel of mobile applications and the best of website performance. They have the design and settings that are very similar to those of native mobile software. Retailers and content providers should adopt this type of software as it enables a more positive user experience than mobile apps by improving retention and customer loyalty. Web design and development company in Kolkata generally has all the required skills for PWAs.

Accelerated Mobile Pages Design

Mobile users usually abandon a website that takes longer than 3 seconds to load and AMP pages load like lightning on mobile devices. Professionally designed AMP pages can help to drive mobile abandonment rates down and increase conversion rates for your business. AMP greatly improves page loading times and mobile friendliness and it is highly likely for a website developed with AMP to be rewarded with higher rankings than slower and unresponsive sites. Hiring a professional and reputed website design company in Kolkata can be the best solution for you.

Hire the best Web Designer and Developer in Kolkata, India, from the best Web development company ZinfyTech Web Solutions.

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Covering All Major Industries


The education sector can expand its outreach with our custom web design services


Healthcare organizations can utilise professionally designed content to spread awareness


Businesses in the manufacturing industry can use our web design services to build trust

Food & Restaurants

Website design is an amazing means of advertisement and promotion for food & restaurant business owners

Real Estate

A professionally designed website can play a huge role in building connections for real estate

Travel & Tourism

Proper advertising with attractive website design is a must to ensure the success of your business in the travel & tourism industry


The world of entertainment is all about visually appealing designs and visual content.

Businesses from all industries and niche can avail custom web design services at ZinfyTech Web Solutions and strengthen their online presence.

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Our Process

Our PHP developers' team follow DevOps approach & Agile development process to ensure our clients get their software solutions on stipulated time frame. Have a look at our development process and engagement model:

Requirement Gathering
  • We understand the business goals our client is willing to achieve
  • We understand the website design requirements of our client’s business
  • We do an in-depth industry research to understand the whereabouts of your competitors
  • We identify your target customers and try to understand their preferences and determine designs
  • Based on the requirements gathered, we begin with planning our website design process
  • Our web design team creates a wireframe of your website design that will be later developed further
  • We send in our design wireframe to our clients for approval
  • We then make all the necessary changes recommended by our client
Delivery & Deployment
  • After approval, we test the web design on various devices
  • If the design works fine after testing, we deliver and deploy the design
  • We hand over all the necessary access to our client
  • We make sure that the design is up and running within the allotted time
Post-Deployment Support
  • After deployment, if our client faces any issue, they are free to get in touch with us
  • We note down the issues and rectify the issue ASAP with immediate attention
  • We are available for customer support 24*7 even after delivery and deployment
  • We check with our client after resolving the issues if everything is working fine

Hiring our web design services gives you access to complete transparency throughout the design process to keep you informed at all stages.

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Boosting Brand Awareness

An efficient and intuitive website design helps boost your brand awareness and brand name recognition. Strong and striking visual elements on your website help attract and hold the attention of your audience. A strategically designed website also helps expand brand recognition and more and more people get to know about your brand and your brand offerings.


Since we work with a team of EXPERT designers, we save a lot of your valuable time. How? Here’s the answer. When you get your website designed by novice or inexperienced designers, there are chances that you have to keep asking them to make changes till it becomes exactly how you want. Redoing will waste a lot of your time. But when you hire our EXPERTS, the work is done fast because and accurately and there is negligible need for re-doing.

Building Brand Image

We help you strengthen and showcase your brand identity by strategic use of colours, fonts, graphic elements, logos, graphic elements, style photographs/ images, and structured content on your website. We create a brand identity that your target audience can recognize easily with just a glance while maintaining consistency in the brand image you are showcasing.

Stay ahead of Competition

Our professionally trained web designers are experts in conducting competitor research. They study the designs of your competitors and create designs that help you stand out from the rest of the crowd. We create unique and memorable website designs with bright and eye-catching colours and graphic elements that help your target audience remember you as a brand.

Improved Content Presentation

We use strategically designed infographics that helps impart information in a fast and effective manner. Infographics are a great way to present voluminous content in a compact, structured, and readable format on a multi-page website. Visual Communication is the best means of communication.

Improve Trust & Credibility

It is very important for newly established businesses to build trust and boost your brand credibility among your target customer base. Web design plays a huge role in amplifying brand loyalty and brand recognition. A professional brand image helps build trust.

Driving more Conversions

A good website design plays a very important role in converting visitors into customers. We align the design elements and website landing pages in such a manner that the design guides your visitor forward, step by step, and takes the visitor closer to making a purchase from you. Hence, a good website design helps drive more conversions.


A good website design is capable of telling the story behind your brand effectively and triggering the interest of your target audience in your brand story. The audience loves to hear original stories, and the colour scheme and font style plays a huge role in conveying the emotion and vibe, while setting the stage for conveying your brand message.

Reinforce Professionalism

When you invest in hiring professional web design services in Kolkata, your brand appears highly professional and your business is taken seriously by your target customers. Aesthetic design elements and professional website structure speak the volume of your business and it makes your audience believe that as a brand, you run your daily processes professionally.

Being a Web Design & Development Company in Kolkata of reliable repute, we can come up with several reasons behind why you should hire web Designers from ZinfyTech Web Solutions.

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Why Hire Web Designers from ZinfyTech Web Solutions?

Professionally trained team

ZinfyTech Web Solutions works with a team of professionally trained web designers who have experience and qualifications for doing the job accurately.

Improved Brand Recognition

As the best web design company in India, ZinfyTech Web Solutions creates website designs that helps you establish a strong brand image and enhance brand recognition, along with adding value to your digital marketing efforts.

New-age designs

We create new-age website designs with intuitive and attractive graphic elements that not only helps you generate more traffic, but also helps hold your site visitors on your site for longer.

100% Transparency

We maintain complete transparency with all our clients throughout the design process, till deployment. We keep you informed through all the stages of design and development.

Get intuitive website with user-friendly features and interface designed at ZinfyTech Web Solutions at the most affordable rates.

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Frequently asked questions

No we do not use templates to design and develop websites. Everything we design or build is 100% Custom made with unlimited revisions to the design. We are custom all the way from the design planning to the design deployment.

Yes, we offer LIFETIME SUPPORT to all our clients. Feel free to contact us any time you face any issue we the web design we have delivered to you. We will be happy to help and solve the issue ASAP.

No at all unless you want to! Unlike other web design companies at our level we do not need you to host the website with us. We do provide hosting for our customers but you are not obligated to host with us.

As a full-stack development and 360-dgree digital marketing company, and standing as the best web development company in India, ZinfyTech Web Solutions makes sure to build SEO-friendly websites. Every website we design and build for our client will adhere to their SEO needs undoubtedly.

When we build a website for your brand, we can also take care of all the online marketing activities of your business if you want us to. So, you can avail our best web development services, along with our professional online marketing services at affordable packages at any time.

Client Testimonials

Let’s have a look at what our happy clients have to say about us!

ZinfyTech Web Solutions has been taking care of my digital marketing campaigns and online marketing activities for 2 years now, and they have been very consistent in their job. They have brought my site among the top 5 sites in the Google SERPs in just 6months.

Will Green Envato Market

I hired ZinfyTech Web Solutions for building my Taxi app and I must say, they have done a great job with my app. They have incorporated all the necessary features, and the interface is seamless. The app looks and functions just like we expected it to, in fact, better!

Nolan Gadient Envato Market

I am a fashion designer and I have been in business for 5 years. Selling manually was becoming difficult and with customers all over the world, opening a new store in every city of every country is kind of close to impossible. So, I got in touch with ZinfyTech Web Solutions to design a e-commerce store for me, and now I manage all my sales on my e-commerce store.

Jeff Morgan Envato Market