Mobile Application Development


Android App Development

With over 85% market share globally, the Android OS dominates the well-established mobile platform. As Google comes with newer versions with more enterprise-friendly features and stronger security, entrepreneurs seem ready to utilise the power and benefits that come with a customized Android app. Today, Google Play has over 3.3 million apps, and the number is consistently increasing. This is a huge opportunity for businesses to grab the market. You can hire the best mobile app development company in Kolkata, India to develop an Android app.


iOS App Development

iPhone apps are known to be high quality and revenue-generating. Both start-ups and established brands are beginning to invest in iPhone app development to fulfil their business needs and make a significant return on their investment. Keeping in mind the acceptance and demand for iOS mobile applications, iPhone app development can clearly benefit your business largely.


Hybrid App Development

Marketing leaders and businesses tend to emphasize on developing hybrid apps because it requires a single version of app that can function seamlessly across multiple devices and platforms. Hybrid app development is the best way to engage majority of target customers. With hybrid apps now becoming highly dominant, businesses are becoming more eager to explore its eminent benefits and utilise them to their own advantage.


Native App Development

Native mobile app development involves building apps for particular mobile operating systems, and users access them from dedicated app stores such as the App Store or Google Play. If you intend to build an application for iOS, app developers will use programming languages Objective-C or Swift. In contrast, developing for Android calls for the programming languages Java or Kotlin.


React Native App Development

The cross-platform app development is seemingly becoming popular as the stratum of competition is exceeding higher up the order. And very evidently React Native has been identified as the most preferred cross-platform solution for building both Android and iOS apps. With React Native, you can work on two different Operating Systems using a single platform. React Native is a Facebook developed open-source framework that lets you create native mobile applications using the JavaScript programming language.


Enterprise Mobile App Development

ZinfyTech Web Solutions designs and develops custom enterprise mobile apps from ground up by understanding all the enterprise functionality requirements and implementing the unique business-related functionalities. We offer a wide range of enterprise mobile app development services Kolkata, India across multiple devices and platforms, backed by secure app integration with any type of corporate systems.


Mobile App Upgradation

At ZinfyTech Web Solutions, we upgrade and optimize legacy enterprise mobile apps, solve issues with performance of the application and app usability issues, ensure seamless operation, undertake app migration to new platforms, implement the latest, most relevant, and up-to-date app functionalities, helping you provide improved user experience to keep up in the highly competitive market.

Mobile App Development ServicesBest Mobile App Development Company in Kolkata, India

In the current highly competitive market, every small, medium, or large business is putting in their best efforts to keep updating their marketing approach with the constantly transforming trends and technology in the digital world. ZinfyTech Web Solutions is a trusted mobile app development agency, that is dedicated to leverage your efforts by building mobile apps for your brand with outstanding features and a seamless user interface. We work hard to provide your target customers and also existing customers with a user experience that they want to come back to, from time to time repeatedly, transforming your app visitors into your loyal customers.

ZinfyTech Web Solutions stands as the most reputed and best mobile app development company in Kolkata, India among the top mobile app development companies in India, that provides you with the best mobility solutions. We work with a talented tea of developers who are professionally trained and experienced in this field. Our developers understand your business requirements and business goals, both short-term and long-term, thoroughly. Our team holds all the necessary technical knowledge and developmental skills that are required to complete and ensure the success of your mobile app development project. We are qualified to provide top-notch mobile app development solutions to our clients all over the world. We have worked with and helped businesses from several industries that include hotels, education, entertainment, real estate, restaurants, finance, travel, trading, health & fitness, sports, logistics etc.

Avail the best app development services India from the most trusted mobile app development company known as ZinfyTech Web Solutions.

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Why Hire Mobile App Developers In India?

Skilled Developers

When you hire mobile app developers Kolkata, India, you get access to a vast pool of highly skilled mobile app developers who have worked with a variety of mobile app development technologies. Mobile app developers in India will create highly optimized app development solutions using the most advanced and latest technology as per your project requirements.

Cost Savings

When you hire mobile app developers India, you end up saving 5 to 10 times more than your local or in-house hiring cost. Also, the mobile application development costs in India is significantly lower compared to the western countries.

Flexible Working hours

When you hire mobile app developers in India, you get to choose the working hours according to your time zone and you pay for the hours you want them to work for. This way you can have flexibility in case you have any urgent project that you need to get done.

100% Transparency

When you hire mobile app development services in India, the concerned agency or developers maintain complete transparency with their clients throughout the mobile app development process and keep you informed after completion of every developmental stage.

Hiring mobile app development services India can help you expand your customer-base by providing seamless app experience that is unforgettable!

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Our Expertise

Parking Apps

ZinfyTech Web Solutions has built on-demand parking apps for numerous clients.

Healthcare Apps

Our mobile app developers have expertise in developing efficient healthcare apps.

Sports & Fitness Apps

If you are looking to build interactive sports and fitness mobile apps, our talented developers can do it for you.

Travel & Hospitality Apps

Travel & Hospitality apps are high on demand now, especially for tourists and people who travel frequently for work.

Delivery Apps

We have built user-friendly delivery mobile apps for our clients’ businesses.

Banking, Financing, & Insurance Apps

We have a wide portfolio of building banking, financing, and insurance mobile applications.

Education & E-learning

The education sector has begun to use mobile applications to ease communication between teachers, parents, and students.

Media & Entertainment

Our developers also have the required skill set for building highly intuitive media and entertainment apps.

School Management

School ERPs and mobile applications helps the school management and administration to enable seamless daily processes.

Cab-booking Apps

We also have experience in building feature-rich cab-booking mobile applications.

Our expertise in the most advanced and latest development technologies and industry knowledge helps us build apps that are in compliance with all your business app requirements.

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Covering All Major Industries


We expertise in developing transportation apps like uber or ola or redbus for transport businesses.


The education sector can expand its outreach with our custom mobile app development services.


We build healthcare apps for different Healthcare organizations to help users by providing immediate virtual aid.


Businesses in the manufacturing industry can use our mobile app development services to manage processes seamlessly.

Food & Restaurants

We expertise in building food and restaurant apps that helps users go through the menu and place orders online .

Real Estate

We also expertise in developing real-estate apps that help strengthen connectivity among business prospects.

Travel & Tourism

Seamlessly functioning mobile apps with a user-friendly interface can be a huge component in boosting business in the travel & tourism industry.

At ZinfyTech Web Solutions, we provide mobile app development services to businesses functioning in multiple industries.

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Our Process

  • We understand the business goals our client is willing to achieve.
  • We understand the mobile app requirements of our client’s business.
  • We do an in-depth industry research to understand the whereabouts of your competitors.
  • We identify your target customers and try to understand their design preferences.
  • Based on the requirements gathered, we begin with planning our design and development process.
  • Our design team creates a wireframe of your mobile app that will be later developed further.
  • We send in our mobile app wireframe to our clients for approval.
  • We then make all the necessary changes recommended by our client.
  • After approval, we begin with the development of the app.
  • We then test the app on various devices.
  • If the app works fine after testing, we deliver and deploy the mobile app.
  • We hand over all the necessary access to our client.
  • We make sure that the mobile app is up and running within the allotted time.
  • After deployment, if our client faces any issue, they are free to get in touch with us.
  • We note down the issues and rectify the issue ASAP with immediate attention.
  • We are available for customer support 24*7 even after delivery and deployment.
  • We check with our client after resolving the issues if everything is working fine.

At ZinfyTech Web Solutions we maintain an organized process of mobile app development and ensure complete transparency with our clients through out the process.

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Benefits of Hiring Mobile App Development Services

Enhanced Customer Engagement

Mobile apps help create a direct marketing channel between businesses and their customers making communication direct ad effective. You can send push notifications and in-app notifications to as many customers at one go. If you can send notifications with useful and relevant information, then you will be able to engage more customers.

Increased Accessibility

Mobile apps play a huge role in improving business accessibility. You can send notifications bout new events or launches or offers to your customers, and keep them updated about everything that is going on, so that they can relate more to your brand. With mobile apps, you can build a strong relationship with your customers.

Value Provision

Mobile apps make it possible for businesses to digitize any loyalty program that you may be planning to offer to your customers. When you have an efficient mobile app, you can make it possible for your users to receive their rewards and redeem their coupons on the app itself. This helps increase your downloads while offering value to your customers.

Brand awareness and recognition

Mobile apps are important tools that help expand brand awareness and brand recognition. There is a lot we can do with your mobile app in terms of how it looks, the functionalities it includes, making it stylish, informative, unique and a lot more. The more involved your target customers get with your mobile app, the more like they are to stick to it and also recommend it.

Stay ahead of competition

Mobile apps for businesses help you stand out among your competitors. We make sure that your mobile app has all the unique features that your competitors do not offer yet. There also may be businesses in your niche that do not provide mobile apps yet, which is a great chance for you to stand out as a brand.

Customer Loyalty

Mobile apps have the capacity of strengthening customer loyalty towards your business. Developing a mobile app for your business is a marketing technique that has the potential to build direct connections with the customers. With all the intense amount of advertising in form of Facebook ads, flyers, coupons, email marketing and more, mobile apps act as an anchor to hold the loyalty of your customers towards your business.

Leverage the benefits of mobile app development for your business from the ZinfyTech Web Solutions that stands as the best mobile app development company India.

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Why should you hire mobile app developers from us?

Secure Services

At ZinfyTech Web Solutions, we ensure complete security of your data and confidential information that you share with our developers for project requirements. Our agency makes sure to sign NDA agreement to help you trust us and ensure the confidentiality of your data.

Professional Employees

Our mobile app developers maintain a professional attitude towards their work and come powered by the best skill sets and knowledge in mobile app development. Our developers only focus on delivering the best, user-friendly mobile app for your business.

On-time Delivery

At ZinfyTech Web Solutions, we maintain a organised and streamlined process of work which enables us to complete and deliver your project within the allotted time.

High-quality Service

With the mobile app developers at ZinfyTech Web Solutions, you will never have to worry about the quality of work. We focus on developing high-quality apps and we are successful in doing so because we have the most talented developers and all the necessary tools, technologies, and resources to ensure quality.

Affordable packages

Mobile application development in Kolkata, India is available at extremely affordable and reasonable pricing. At ZinfyTech Web Solutions, we make sure that you pay only for the working hours you hire.

100% Transparency

Throughout the development process, from requirement gathering to deployment, our developers maintain compete transparency with our clients regarding all the proceedings of the project. Hence, you stay informed at all levels of development.

Hire the best mobile app developers in Kolkata, India, from the most trusted mobile app development company ZinfyTech Web Solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

Cost entirely depends on the number of features you are planning to include in your mobile app. The factors that compose the complete cost of the project would include designing, development, coding, testing, and app integration with existing systems. If you can come to us with your business app requirements, we can give you an estimated quote of the cost of your project.

The frequency of updating your app depends entirely on what new technology or feature your industry or competitors have come up with and on the issues that you are reading in your app’s reviews section.

There are a number of ways you can make money out of your app. Straight from making it a paid app to giving in-app advertisement space to brands looking for advertising spaces, you can make money from your mobile app in a number of ways.

Securing your app is the responsibility of your mobile app development agency. All you can do is emphasize on a stringent mobile app security feature within your app. The rest is our responsibility.

We transfer the app rights to our clients, once the app is launched. Everything from the design and the app’s code is submitted to the client, upon completion of the project.

Client Testimonials

Let’s have a look at what our happy clients have to say about us!

ZinfyTech Web Solutions has been taking care of my digital marketing campaigns and online marketing activities for 2 years now, and they have been very consistent in their job. They have brought my site among the top 5 sites in the Google SERPs in just 6months.

Will Green Envato Market

I hired ZinfyTech Web Solutions for building my Taxi app and I must say, they have done a great job with my app. They have incorporated all the necessary features, and the interface is seamless. The app looks and functions just like we expected it to, in fact, better!

Nolan Gadient Envato Market

I am a fashion designer and I have been in business for 5 years. Selling manually was becoming difficult and with customers all over the world, opening a new store in every city of every country is kind of close to impossible. So, I got in touch with ZinfyTech Web Solutions to design a e-commerce store for me, and now I manage all my sales on my e-commerce store.

Jeff Morgan Envato Market